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57-year-old Gay SugarDaddy
My Birthday was just 2 days ago ♋ Cancer

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Seeking SugarBaby-Male 30 - 80

Personal Details

  • Gender:
    Gay SugarDaddy
  • Age:
  • Marital Status:
  • Race:
  • Income:
    I will let you know later
  • Body & height:
    Athletic 5'11"  180 cm

About Me:

Once I would have filled this page with lies, not false details of myself but false securities I once believed in, tales of being successful in the eyes of the blind. Now that my eyes are open, I see that no matter how much wealth and assets one acquires it all ends in emptiness as like chasing one's own tail, human nature is never satisfied and there is always this new pointless height that is desired with the supposed pursuit of happiness never ending. I see how filthy and inconsiderate I have been, how many hearts I broke in earning false trust where my true intents were never revealed. Likewise, my heart has been broken again and again in trusting and never finding anyone who ever truly wanted to love me for me . I am basically a go getter, an unrelenting idiot who grew up in foster homes and got obsessed with making a meaning of his life someday. As I achieved whatever I call success, I realised what I truly wanted was to belong somewhere, to be part of a unit bound by love. I was born in Ireland and in my restless rebellious nature have been tossed from place to place ending up splitting ages--- into 8 countries consisting of scotland, switzerland, singapore, philipine, Isreal, china, barbados before falling in lust with my first wife and ended up ruining both our lives as ours was never a happy marriage My son is the biggest Joy, my first true love though he seems to not like me all that much believing I ended our family for reasons his mother filled in his head, maybe someday we can develop a better relationship. I earned a law degree to somehow prove to myself that I could do it and never practised for a day. I originally started hustling the streets at age 14, made a major mistake I would forever regret and made life changes. I got my arse back in school and got some education though my travel experience got me involved in supplying electronic fittings which is what I did before acquiring my first ranch. Evaded tax and spent 14months in prison, got out of prison and headed back to philipine where I joined some friends in setting up a sweat shop where we made knockoff goods, made a chunk from it and returned to Ireland to live a lavish life on my farm. In a few years I had burned major holes in my finances within a few years. I was lucky to have a friend in the convent who took me in when I lost everything. I lived in a convent for two years not believing in God and assuming christianity to being a mere control mechanism. I left the convent and moved to the United states in--- where I began supplying electronic fittings and have lived alone, moved my ex and son here and maybe I think am ready to attempt finding love again, maybe someday I would be blessed enough to have a family bound by love. I cannot in anyway lay claim to coming close to being a perfect man but I can promise you that i would be a listening ear, your best friend, your pillar when you need unflinching support. I can promise to learn to love you the way you are, not trying to change you to some fantasy in my head, accepting that we all have flaws as I am also largely flawed. I may be a horrible cook, not meticulous, forgetful but I promise to never forget anything about you as you would be the core of my every thought, I can assure you. I have clearly written too much here but I choose to not go back to taking anything out hoping that you can accept me broken as I am

Looking For:

  • Gender: SugarBaby-Male
  • Age: 30 - 80
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