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District of Columbia, Washington D.C.

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District of Columbia, Washington D.C.

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About me

If proper introduction hasn't been made yet, let me introduce myself. I am Zyana, an early-twenties Malaysian-Tanzanian. My story begins not long ago when I decided I wanted a life less mundane. Longing for adventure and quelled by convention.

What is a goddess? She is a woman who has truly explored herself, her darkness and found her light. She possesses a higher level of self-awareness and wisdom. She never conceded the thought of being better than anyone. She understands her power to make her life anything she wants. She exudes confidence and silently commands the eyes and attention of others wherever she is. Alluring and sensual in nature. Inspired by those around her, always honest and kind. She is a light to those around her and is on a journey of life fulfillment.

That woman is me. A Tall, slim, and doe-eyed, soft full lips and delicate, feminine features, long endless legs, flawless buttermilk coco skin, and long natural hair. Hair that in its natural state is big curly and adored by everyone, and when altered straight flows to my lower back and waist.
 I'm told that I'm elegant, genuine, quick to laugh, and deeply compassionate with a down to earth, sometimes cheesy sense of humor that can come across poorly in written text. Though I do know how to use an oxford comma, which makes me indispensable.  I'm a bit of a social chameleon, navigating social situations with delightful savoir-flaire; equally capable of charming an entire room or carving out an intimate space just for you and I. Described to have a hypnotic and captivating innocence and mysteriousness I transform, easily from refined dinner date to intriguing playmate–– with only the closing of a door, and the clicking of a lock.
Above all, I value originality and genuine conversation. You'll find me to be a non-judgmental party. Maybe this means spilling your wildest fantasies, deepest secrets, or simply being able to let loose, be silly and enjoy yourself– with me, this is easy to do.

What I’m Looking For

We can figure it out together. beautiful women are a dime a dozen so if you are just looking for another pretty face I am not your girl, but if you are you are looking for someone intelligent, genuine and full with substance than look no further. let's talk about you. You're intelligent, charming and likely, very accomplished. You are generally content but still, there is something missing; perhaps it is intimacy and affection or maybe a sense of excitement and freedom. You understand the value of memories and experiences that can only occur when they come with no sense of responsibility- something that simply does not exist in your current reality, and that is exactly why you are here...    I choose to spend time with mature gentlemen with impeccable taste and class, who value intellectual and emotional connections just as much as they do the physical. While there is almost nothing better than unbridled desire and uninhibited adventure, if you can have the full package... why wouldn't you? just a few other things- -do not request to see my face or privet photos without properly introducing yourself. - well worn valid passport. -internationally available and open an arrangement/relationship anywhere -Etiquette trained, multi-lingual, athletic, Med- School student and Non-Profit Starter.

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