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Searching but not Finding

48-year-old SugarDaddy
Next birthday in 5 months ♏ Scorpio

Houston, TX
Seeking SugarBaby 18 - 50

Personal Details

  • Gender:
  • Age:
  • Marital Status:
  • Race:
  • Income:
    $200,000 to $300,000
  • Body & height:
    Athletic 5'10"  178 cm

About Me:

You have been invited to compete to win the prestigious title of my "SugarBabe". Rules for entry are simple: 1. Must be a first-time applicant. You are not eligible to compete if you have previously entered the contest regardless of the outcome. If you have previously won my "Sugarbabe" contest, give me back my Nirvana CD you psycho! 2. Applicants must be in her mid 20's to 40's and not wear a wig, stuff tissues where they don't belong to give and illusion of something that is not there. I would also ask for that person to have all their teeth. I would ask that your pictures be recent and look like you. Surprising how many on this site don't. 3. Cosmetic medical procedures acceptable. Bad skin unacceptable 4. You are much prettier without all that makeup. Please lighten-up and don't be a rodeo clown. 5. If you have to go to the restroom in a group then you're not mature enough to date. Go back to middle school. 6. PMS is no excuse to be mean. I'm not saying you should become a menstrual recluse just because you're wearing a maxi-pad. But sometimes maybe it is better to bow out of a social opp if you're really not up to it. What's the point of going to the party if you're not gonna have a good time? Oh, and if you do snap at your boy for no other reason than those nasty hormonal intrusions, a short, simple apology ("Sorry--I was in a bad state of mind yesterday") 7. Applicants must have a job. McJobs are allowable if you are a suffering artist, musician, writer, or the next Dali Lama waiting to be discovered. 8. Criminal background due to white-collar crime is not an automatic disqualifier. 9. Psychological background including but not limited to schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, dementia, attention deficit, hypochondria, Oedipus complex, and unresolved childhood issues are automatic disqualifiers. 10. Applicants must have a firm grasp on the English language. No text speak or Ebonics. Extra points awarded for proper punctuation and grammar. 11. Applicants must NOT be Professionals, strippers, street walkers, sidewalk hostesses, curb servers, man trollers, spread benders, motel attendants, luxury lovers, lane lieutenants, parking proxy's, trixies, trick trippers, tricks for treaters, park panthers, pantie busters, pony dancers, lot lizards, truckstop tid bits, pro's, working girls, hookers, money honey's, etc. As the next winner of my "SugarBabe" contest, I will accompany you to unlimited number of breakfasts, lunches and/or dinners and amuse you with interesting lore. You will also be entitled to have beer, wine, cocktails at various bars and I will spoil you with weekend get a ways. You will receive text just to remind you that your are being thought of throughout the day. As a winner, you will be able to freely rent any movies with my Netflix account as long as you watch it with me. Final perk of the coveted title is the bragging rights you'll earn of dating a cute guy. Yes, for those of you that are dating me will make you look hip, avant garde, stylish, and a bit rebel-ish without really pissing off your friends and family. The contest is open only for a limited time and rules and regulations may change anytime at my sole discretion. Friends and families of previous "SugarBabe" winners are not eligible to enter the contest. If this made you laugh we should get along great.

What I'm Looking For:

I'm far more interested in brains and personality than the package those things come in. I am pretty much open to lots of things so just ask.

Looking For:

  • Gender: SugarBaby
  • Age: 18 - 50
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