18 Signs That a Guy Likes You


Last Updated: January 31, 2024

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Knowing the tell-tale signs that a guy likes you can be a valuable skill! After all, if you like him back, it can take away any fear that you might have about asking him on a date.

As it turns out, men share a lot of similarities when it comes to showing affection for someone they like. So, if you notice the following signs, consider this your green light to take the plunge and talk to him about it!

1: Your social media is full of notifications from him


In today’s dating landscape, this is one of the first signs that a man will show his interest in you. He may like all or most of your stories on Instagram and use them as conversation starters. Or, maybe he’s in your DMs on your dating site. TikTok is also a platform that guys often use to show interest in someone. If he sends you cute or funny videos, it’s his way of building a connection with you and showing that he’s thinking about you.

No matter which platform (and actually, he’ll often follow you on multiple), you can gauge his interest by how much he tries to get your attention online.

2: He asks about your relationship status

Men usually like to know if there’s a chance for a romantic connection before getting emotionally attached. So, if he asks you if you have a boyfriend, take it as a pretty clear sign that he’s testing the waters.

Of course, there is a chance that he’s asking out of general curiosity rather than personal interest. If you’re face-to-face, you may be able to learn more about why he’s asking by his reaction. If his eyes light up when you say you’re single, he’s probably excited that he has a chance. If he remains neutral or changes the topic quickly, he’s probably just making a friendly conversation.

3: He wants to be near you

Physical proximity is one way that we all show our interest in someone. And according to some experts, this may be because of pheromones and the role they play in sexual attraction. The closer you are, the more likely a potential mate will respond positively to your chemical messages. And studies even show that male pheromones have a calming effect on women. So it makes sense that a man would want to lean in or stand close to a woman he’s attracted to.

Of course, all of this happens unconsciously. You may notice that a guy who likes you will lean in closer when you talk or stand next to you in group settings. He may also use open body language, such as turning his body towards you and uncrossing his arm, as a way to be more inviting to you. If you like him back, mirroring these small gestures will show that you’re open to physical closeness, as well!

4: He tells you with his eyes

One specific form of body language that men use is eye contact. That’s not to say that men only make eye contact with potential partners. But, if he’s making a point to hold your gaze during conversation, you can be pretty sure he’s hooked on you. You might also notice that he tries to catch your eye when you’re on the other side of the room or in a group.

And, if you feel a sense of excitement every time he looks at you, that’s a good indication that there’s a spark between the two of you! Don’t be so quick to look away.

5: He uses any excuse to talk to you

A man who likes you will not miss any opportunity to bridge the gap between you. This may mean that he comments on very small details, such as what you’re having for lunch, or whether you’ve changed your hair.

This is also one of the reasons why some men fall into the bad habit of talking about themselves too much to someone they’re interested in. In their desire to spark conversation and build connection, they may actually end up oversharing or spending too much time on their own accomplishments and opinions. If this happens with someone that you’re also interested in, have a little bit of patience. Easing his nerves and being an active participant in the conversation will hopefully stop him from feeling pressured to talk too much.

6: His phone is out of sight when he’s with you

For many guys, it’s easy to forget about their phone when they’re in the presence of someone they’re attracted to.

That being said, some people do use their phones as a crutch, especially when they’re feeling nervous. If there are lulls in the conversation between you, he may feel compelled to check his phone as a way to ease feelings of tension.

7: You receive plenty of compliments from him

Spending time with a man who likes you can be quite the confidence boost! That’s because guys tend to shower praise on the people they’re interested in romantically. Whether he compliments your outfit, something you said during a work meeting, or your smile, these little comments are meant to show his interest.

Keep in mind that compliments from a man who likes you should always be authentic and appropriate. If his comments feel generic or if they overstep a line, it’s likely that he’s more sexually attracted than emotionally drawn to you.

8: He remembers things you’ve said that you might not even remember yourself

When a man likes you, he’ll show it by making mental notes of the things that you share with him. Whether it’s your upcoming birthday, your favorite snack, or even something that you don’t remember talking about, he’s likely to have a mental log of these little facts about you.

You should take this as a huge compliment. It shows that he cares about you more than most of the other people in his daily life. And, even if he’s casually dating, it’s not likely that he’s paying this much attention to anyone else but you.

9: He talks about you with mutual friends


One of the benefits of having mutual friends with a man who is interested in you is that they can serve as a bridge between the two of you. If he constantly asks your friends in common about how you’re doing or whether you’ve been invited to a group get-together, it’s a good sign that he likes you.

10: He initiates physical contact

Earlier we talked about physical closeness, but as a man becomes more confident and comfortable around you, he’s likely to initiate some physical contact as well. This often starts off with a polite hug when you see each other. Then, if he feels that you’re open to it, he may test the waters by putting a hand on your arm while you’re talking or sharing a laugh together. If he feels very comfortable, he may put a hand on your waist or your face as a way to deepen your intimacy.

As with other signs that a guy likes you, physical contact should always feel respectful. If he really likes you, he should be able to follow your cues as to how much physical contact you’re comfortable with.

11: He’s on call when you need him

A man who is interested in you will treat you like a priority in his life. That means that if you need a favor from him or even just need someone to talk to, he’ll jump into action.

When this happens with a guy that you’re also interested in, make sure that you show your appreciation. Men like to feel useful in their partner’s life, so thanking him will make him feel good and encourage him to continue showing up for you in the future.

12: Your opinion matters to him

Many guys will attempt to appear self-assured and confident in the presence of someone they like. But, that doesn’t mean your opinion doesn’t matter to him. In fact, if you disagree about something, he might appear noticeably disappointed or even defensive. He wants you to think highly of him, so he may struggle during moments of doubt.

That being said, if he really likes you, he’ll take your opinion seriously even when you have a difference in perspective. Don’t be surprised if he changes his stance after hearing your feedback.

13: He lets you know he’s thinking about you

When a guy likes you, he’s inevitably going to spend a lot of his time thinking about you. And he may show subtle signs that you’re on his mind.

You may, for instance, get a text out of nowhere with a picture referencing something you two talked about. Or, when you see him, he might show up with little gifts of things that reminded him of you. Even if he’s busy or you haven’t been dating for long, he’s likely to show these small snippets of how much he’s actually thinking of you.

14: Flaking on you is not an option

When a guy is serious about being with you, he’s going to do whatever he can to follow through on his commitments. No matter if he’s been busy with work or has a lot on his plate, he’ll make an effort to make time for you. And, if plans do change at the last minute, as can sometimes happen in life, he’ll do whatever he can to reschedule and make it up to you.

Flaking or being wishy-washy about plans is not an option for a guy who is interested in you.

15: He makes an effort to connect with your pets

Of all the signs that a guy likes you, this one may seem less significant than the rest. But, anyone who has pets knows this is actually a big deal! No matter if you have a dog, cat, rabbit, or hamster, a guy who likes you will make sure to try getting on your pet’s good side. After all, if Fido doesn’t approve of him, the two of you are going to have issues later on.

So, if you’re wondering if he likes you, consider talking about your pets. It’s sure to spark some fun conversation while giving you a better idea about his feelings for you.

16: He doesn’t play dating games

Unfortunately, men who play dating games are usually not that invested in the people they’re playing. Instead, they may be looking to maintain a friends-with-benefits situation or something short-term and casual.

When a guy really likes you, he’s not going to try to manipulate you or trick you into liking him back. He won’t worry about silly rules like waiting to text you back. And he won’t give you back-handed compliments that are meant to put him in a position of power.

Instead, he’ll be genuine and straightforward with you. He’ll text or call you when he wants to. He’ll offer genuine compliments because he’ll want to make you smile.

17: He talks to you about his friends or family

If you’ve been dating a guy for a while and he tells you he wants you to meet his friends and family, you know it’s serious! But him telling you about the important people in his life is also one of the signs a guy likes you.

That’s because, what he’s doing is starting to welcome you into his social world. You might not be at a point yet in which you’re ready to meet friends and family. But by him talking about them, it shows he’s thinking of future introductions.

18: Last but not least, he tells you!

Finally, the biggest sign that a guy likes you is that he just comes right out and says it! If a guy tells you he has feelings for you, it’s probably because he’s been giving you signs for quite a while. And, because of the connection between the two of you, he finally felt comfortable enough to tell you.

Other considerations to know whether he likes you

So, we’ve covered 18 signs that a guy likes you. But what if the man in your life isn’t following the script? You know there’s chemistry between the two of you, but you’re still not sure whether he likes you or not. Here are a few other things to keep in mind when trying to find out whether he has feelings or is just being friendly:

He may be shy

A guy who is shy or self-conscious is not going to be as obvious with his external showings of affection or interest. So, some of the signs we listed here, like initiating physical contact or making any excuse to talk to you, might be more difficult for him.

But, if you pay close attention, we can bet that some of the other signs will be there. If you’re in a group setting, for instance, he may focus more on what you have to say than anyone else. And, he’s not likely to flake on you, ever.

When it comes to shy guys, it might be worth it just to ask him. If you share your feelings first, he’ll open up more readily.

He may be impacted by past history with relationships

Unfortunately, bad past experiences can shape how willing a guy is to put his heart on his sleeve in the future. If he’s worried about getting hurt again, he’s likely going to take his time showing you that he likes you. Depending on his own healing process, he may even keep you waiting indefinitely.

If you suspect that this is the case, and you want to know if he likes you, talk to him about it. But, keep your expectations reasonable. Someone who is in this position could end up hurting you or not being able to meet your needs. If he says he’s not ready to emotionally connect with someone new, believe him.

He may be acting differently because you’re taken

You might be wondering if a guy likes you while you’re in a relationship with someone else. If he knows that you’re taken, he’s probably not going to be as open with his signaling as he would be with someone he knows is available. Of course, some of the signs that we’ve covered here are unconscious or uncontrollable. So, you might still notice that he leans in when you talk or remembers details from your conversation.

Your existing connection is a barrier for him

If you’re wondering whether a coworker or a friend likes you, the dynamic of your current relationship could be playing a big role here! He may be trying to hide his feelings because of workplace policy or to protect the friendship.

In some cases, the feelings between you could fizzle out over time if neither of you takes action. But connections between crushes usually only get stronger as you spend more time together! You’ll likely see some of these signs become more obvious as he gets more comfortable around you.

He may not be getting the feedback he needs from you to stay interested

It’s understandable that if a guy isn’t getting the same signals of interest that he’s giving off, eventually, he’ll move on. In fact, this is a good thing. It means that he respects himself and your boundaries and knows when to back off.

But, wait! Maybe you don’t want him to back off! If you want to keep enjoying his attention, you’ll need to reciprocate to let him know you’re interested too.

The signs a guy likes you, but only as a friend


Sometimes it’s possible to misinterpret a guy's signals as romantic interest when he’s actually just being a good friend. After all, he’s going to remember things like your birthday, your dad’s name, and how you like your coffee if you’ve become good buddies. So, how can you be sure that he likes you romantically or is interested in friendship? Here are a few signs a guy likes you as a friend:

He frequently invites other people to spend time with the two of you

Someone who wants a relationship is probably going to prioritize one-on-one time. That’s how the two of you will build intimacy and deepen your connection.

By inviting other people to spend time with you, he may be giving you the signal that he is indifferent or not willing to pursue something more.

He’s not nervous about introducing you to his friends and family

Just like you wouldn’t feel pressured when introducing your friends to your family, a guy who doesn’t see you as a romantic partner will be neutral about you getting to know his social circle.

He asks you for advice on his own love life

In general, a guy isn’t going to show that he likes you by trying to make you jealous. Most men grow out of those habits after high school. Instead, if he’s asking you for advice about his love life, take it as a sign that he doesn’t see anything more than friendship between you.

He doesn’t pay for you or give you gifts

Friends split the bill. It’s just how it is. He may occasionally buy you coffee or give you a birthday present. But it’s clear that gift-giving is reciprocal and not a sign of romantic interest.

Your communication isn’t constant

A good friend may talk to you throughout the week and send you funny videos from time to time. But a conversation with a guy who likes you is going to take a much different shape. A man who is pursuing a relationship will see conversations as a way to build connection. So, he’s likely to talk to you more often and in a more meaningful way.

His physical contact is more friendly than frisky

Remember when we mentioned that body language was one of the biggest signs that a guy likes you? Well, it could be a clear indication that he’s not interested, too. If he creates space between the two of you, looks elsewhere when talking to you, and gives you very neutral, quick hugs, he’s probably not interested.

He’s more likely to joke around with you than flirt with you

The line between joking around and engaging in flirty banter can sometimes be difficult to spot. Is he just messing around with you? Or is he showing his interest in you? Unfortunately, we don’t have a crystal clear answer for you on this one. You just have to feel out for yourself whether there’s chemistry in your interactions or not. If you’re not sure, a third person might be able to tell.

He sometimes changes plans on you

As we mentioned before, a guy who likes you is going to do whatever it takes to spend time with you. If something comes up, he’ll reschedule as soon as he can.

A friend, though, isn’t going to be so committed to your plans. It’s not that they don’t enjoy spending time with you. It’s simply that their priorities are different. They may be more likely to take a rain check if they’re not feeling well or something else has come up.

So, does he like you?

In this article, we’ve talked about everything there is to know about the signs a guy will use to show he’s interested in you romantically. From body language to conversation habits to social media usage, it turns out that there are many ways that guys signal their attraction to a potential partner. Of course, guys can still sometimes be hard to read. So we also covered some of the situations which can influence his behavior and what he’ll do if he’s not interested.

So, now it’s up to you. Have you been receiving these signs that a guy likes you? And more importantly, what are you going to do about it?

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