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Age: 62

Sugar Daddy
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Online Recently

Me Myself and I


Age: 44

Sugar Daddy
Arlington, Washington
Online Recently

Looking for somebody to just hang out with have a couple drinks with no expectations


Age: 51

Sugar Daddy
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Online Recently

Fun and more fun

I don't want to be married.


Age: 49

Sugar Daddy
Tualatin, Oregon
Online Recently

Single great character

Fun great going, respectful, good personality


Age: 61

Sugar Daddy
Cookeville, Tennessee
Online Recently

I will please

Very generous


Age: 67

Sugar Daddy
Des Moines, Iowa
Online Recently

I'm going to need somebody

Easy mellow


Age: 55

Sugar Daddy
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Online Recently

Just a normal guy

I got my own car and a job just missing a little momma


Age: 44

Sugar Daddy
Denver, Colorado
Online Recently

Blond hair blue eyes easy on the eyes

Fun outgoing with wild side in good shape


Age: 34

Sugar Daddy
Seattle, Washington
Online Recently

Ladies should want me as there sugar daddy because I'm funny smart tall


Age: 46

Sugar Daddy
Miami Beach, Florida
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Very affectionate, kind and great kissing


Age: 54

Sugar Daddy
Utica, New York
Online Recently

Fun. All.

Andy ...

Age: 48

Sugar Daddy
Revere, Massachusetts
Online Recently

Good time

Distraction and game

Who is a
Sugar Daddy?

Who is a Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddies have been figuring out how to make the most out of life for the majority of their lives. Through a combination of hard work, selective risk-taking, and ambition, they have risen to a level of success that most only dream of. In this advanced stage of their lives, after accomplishing the majority of their professional goals, they have set their sights on a new goal: Truly "having it all."

By becoming sugar daddies, they embrace the kind of love life that is unmoored from society's norms... and that is all the more rewarding for it. They date fabulously beautiful people, engage in relationships that are easy to maintain, and still have time to go fishing trips without needing to ask for permission. Try getting THAT from a spouse! In doing so, they take pride in their ability to be a provider, while also reaping the benefits of a high-energy romance.

What is a Sugar Daddy?

There's no way around it - A sugar daddy is a product of another time. Back in the day, people used their manners, and held the car door for those they dated. They penned long love letters that they affixed a stamp to, and dropped in the mail. Most importantly, they always, without fail, picked up the check - for every aspect of the date, and without fail.

Compared to the young people out there in today's modern dating pool (with their 2 AM "U Up?" texts and their tendency to leech off of their partners), an older, chivalrous person is practically Superman. Throw in a healthy net worth and a generous spirit, and a sugar daddy becomes downright irresistible.

A Sugar Daddy is a Mentor

You can’t become a sugar daddy unless you have experienced some level of success. As generous as a sugar daddy is when they spends their wealth on dates, that generosity is even more pronounced when they are similarly generous with his knowledge and life experience.

A sugar daddy is an invaluable mentor, especially to a sugar baby who aspires to work in the same field that they have spent a lifetime mastering. It's quite a level of pride that a sugar daddy feels when they can impart their wisdom and expertise to a promising new upstart who may follow in their footsteps.

A Sugar Daddy is Successful

As the saying goes, "it's lonely at the top." A sugar daddy who has achieved great material wealth through a lifetime of hard work and determination will often reach a point in his life where they want to enjoy the fruits of their labor - like once-in-a-lifetime experiences, extravagant meals, first class travel - and they can certainly afford it.

However, like most enjoyable things, these experiences are better with a partner. They could go out a find someone who is similarly wealthy to enjoy these experiences with... but they knows that their partner will enjoy these things more if they are less albe to afford them themselves. In sharing their lifestyle with a sugar baby, they know they will be appreciated, if not admired, for their generosity.

A Sugar Daddy is Modern

Even though they are a product of their time, a sugar daddy is open-minded enough to consider more modern attitudes towards courtship. They will enjoy romance in whatever form they can find it, and be understanding of their partner's needs and boundaries. They know that sugar dating has its limits, and they are perfectly happy working within them, because of the great reward for doing so.

They also understand and respect a sugar baby's need for privacy and discretion. They are perfectly willing to limit their interactions to infrequent dates, as long as those dates are grand affairs in which they pulls out all of the stops. They do not make demands of fidelity, nor will they ever assert their position in a fit of jealousy. They may be an "old dog," but perfectly willing to learn some "new tricks" if it will allow them to enjoy the company of someone whose youthful exuberance makes them feel alive like never before.

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