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Age: 70

Sugar Daddy
Indianapolis, Indiana
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your actually going to meet a nice guy

A honest,caring, retired healthy and stable loving old fashion man


Age: 46

Sugar Daddy
Elkhart, Indiana
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Ayudame que yo te ayudare



Age: 44

Sugar Daddy
Indianapolis, Indiana
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Age: 48

Sugar Daddy
South Bend, Indiana
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across the board i am not a sugar daddy


Age: 71

Sugar Daddy
Greenwood, Indiana
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Can last as long as you want me to

All night


Age: 74

Sugar Daddy
Merrillville, Indiana
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look at my picture and text


Age: 60

Sugar Daddy
Terre Haute, Indiana
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To have fun occasional drink

A good time


Age: 55

Sugar Daddy
Columbus, Indiana
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I'm a good old country boy

I'm a good ol country boy who knows how to treat a lady


Age: 43

Sugar Daddy
Lafayette, Indiana
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Large and in charge

Looking for a sure thing.


Age: 54

Sugar Daddy
Valparaiso, Indiana
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breakfast lunch and dinner

I’m a very loving man and caring with a beautiful heart and soul


Age: 43

Sugar Daddy
Muncie, Indiana
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Great conversation fun together let get adventurous


Age: 55

Sugar Daddy
Evansville, Indiana
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music is my life and i live my live

a house on 1 acre of land love property in Tennessee convertible mustang im a professio...Read More

An Indiana
Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy

A sugar daddy is the kind person who plays all of the angles, in order to get the most out of life. They have spent a lifetime working hard and generating their fortune, and at some point, they made the conscious decision to parlay those earned advantages to attract partners who, under normal circumstances, might be considered "out of their league."

Sugar daddies, however, do not live under normal circumstances. They are generous, open-minded, and as shrewd in personal matters as they are in the world of business. They are well aware that most people have needs, and enjoy the unique position of being able to provide those needs – for the right partner.

That "right partner" is usually a person who appreciates the generosity of a sugar daddy, and who possesses enough charm and vivaciousness to make them feel decades younger.

A sugar daddy has been around the block more than a few times, and knows exactly how to court a romantic partner - by lavishing them with gifts, taking care of their needs, and giving them a taste of a more luxurious lifestyle.

An Indiana Sugar Daddy is Successful

A sugar daddy is no stranger to luxury, and has worked hard to attain it. Not only do they value all of the possessions that money can buy... they enjoy being able to share that extravagant lifestyle with a partner who appreciates it.

A sugar daddy prefers to be a sugar baby’s benefactor, as well as their partner. This affords them the opportunity to be a hero in their eyes, and nothing makes a sugar daddy feel more attractive than to be looked at as a hero.

An Indiana Sugar Daddy is Modern

Although they tend to be steeped in old-fashioned values, a sugar daddy definitely possesses a modern mindset. Arrangement dating breaks with traditional customs like monogamy and repression, and allows a sugar daddy to forge a new path together, hand-in-hand with a similarly open-minded partner.

This new path is built on mutual respect and transparency. Both partners are free to explore other options, and feel no need to obfuscate the truth from each other. The modern sugar daddy makes no demands of their sugar baby, and embraces this new paradigm, because they know that life is too short to live (or love) in any way that doesn't involve absolute freedom.

Networking and Social Status

Sugar daddies are not only members of high society - they become ambassadors to it, in a way. They introduce their sugar babies to locales and social circles they would never have had access to otherwise. This elevates a sugar baby’s status, simply by virtue of being on the right sugar daddy’s arm.

Whether a sugar baby is an ambitious social climber, an upwardly mobile young professional, or a humble protege looking for a mentor, a sugar daddy can make the right calls, facilitate the right introductions, and open the right doors that will help them achieve their goals.

Luxurious Lifestyle

There is nothing common about a typical sugar daddy's lifestyle. From extravagant homes, to luxury cars, to first class travel, they surround themselves with nothing but the very best. Their taste is impeccable, and their standards are exquisitely high. Every aspect of their life screams "elite."

Of course, "elite" can best describe the beauty of the sugar babies they prefer to spend time with, as well. These sugar babies may look perfect, of course... but they also may be struggling with hidden needs – economic troubles, expensive tastes, or merely a lack of social capital. Whatever their needs are, a sugar daddy can easily come in and provide what’s been missing - and a lot more besides.

To a sugar daddy, the cost of such gestures is insignificant. The rewards, however, are substantial. The thrill they get from providing for their sugar baby, or “coming to their rescue” is as exceptional as everything else in their lifestyle.

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