Sure-shot Places to Find Rich Men in NYC

Last Updated: April 2, 2024

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Time to enjoy this city to the fullest by learning where to find rich men in NYC! In this article, we’re sharing the sure-shot restaurants, bars, and hangouts where you’re most likely to find your next love interest!


High-end restaurants are sure to be filled with New York’s wealthiest! Our tip is to stick with restaurants that have one Michelin star, as the wait times will be shorter and you’ll still get to meet plenty of rich foodies!

Frevo NYC

48 W 8th Street

This fine dining and art gallery combo is a trendy place to brush shoulders with the New York elite! You’re more likely to mingle with younger rich men at a cool place like this one.

Saga NYC

70 Pine Street

If you’re looking to meet rich men as they enjoy a delicious meal after work, head to the Financial District for this fine dining experience. Saga is one of the best restaurants in the area not only for its excellent food, but also for its stunning views.


181 Thompson St.

This well-known celeb hangout may no longer have a Michelin star, but it still deserves a place on the list of where to find rich men in NYC. We love that its amazing food attracts an upper echelon crowd but there are still options on the menu that are more affordable. As long as they continue to serve up fantastic Italian-American food, we can bet that their tables will continue to be reserved by celebrities and wealthy foodies.



If you’re not willing to pay the high price of fine dining in order to meet your match, an exclusive bar can be a more affordable option. These bars are known to be popular hang-out spots for New York’s elite.

Monkey Bar

60 E 54th St

The name doesn’t scream New York's rich and famous. But you’d be surprised at what a buzzing spot this place is for wealthy folks! There’s both bar seating and a full dining hall in the back, so don’t be surprised if you get invited to join a table with a rich man who noticed you as he walked in!

The Seville

22 E 29th St

This speakeasy-style bar is popular with young trendy rich men who love a good cocktail and a luxurious vibe. There’s often live music or a well-known DJ playing. So you’ll have plenty of opportunities to strike up a conversation with a stranger who catches your eye.

Bemelmen’s Bar

35 E 76th St

Bemelmen’s is an iconic art deco bar that hasn’t changed much since it was first opened in the 1940s. Its Golden Age New York vibe is one of the things that makes it so popular with rich men who want a taste of the past. And, the live music is sure to attract a sophisticated crowd.


Rich people like to hit the gym, too! And they’ve got the money to pay for memberships at some of the most luxurious gyms in the city.

E by Equinox

The original Equinox made a name for itself as one of NYC’s first gyms with an exclusive nightclub vibe. And when that became trendy, they decided to set themselves apart again by opening E by Equinox. This version has a wider range of classes and personal training options, and caters to some of New York’s wealthiest sports enthusiasts.

Ghost Gym in Brooklyn

There are gyms that have exclusive vibes, and then there are gyms that are exclusive. Period. And Ghost Gym is the latter. With a pricey monthly membership and an application-based acceptance policy, this community is hand-selected. But, once you’re in, you’ll see why this business model is so successful. It’s like the dating app of New York gyms, and you’ll definitely find a few rich men to chat up after a workout.

Other ways to meet rich men in NYC


You don’t actually have to spend all your money on your search for a wealthy New York boyfriend! Here are a few out-of-the-box ideas to meet the man of your dreams on a budget:

  • Take your dog to the dog park. Someone who is rich and recognizable is probably not going to take their own dog to the dog park. They’ll hire someone to do it for them. But don’t get discouraged. Buddying up with someone’s dog walker may not be as ideal of a connection as meeting a rich man directly, but it’s a start! That being said, someone who is rich and not worried about being recognized in public is more likely to take their dog themself! After all, they could use the fresh air and relaxing vibes of a dog park. Either way, the dog park is a great way to expand your social network, especially if you hit up the dog parks in richer areas of the city, like Hudson Yards, and Central Park South.
  • Go to bookstores. Rich people read too! And, like the rest of us, they enjoy taking a moment out of the day to browse New York’s most beautiful bookstores like the Strand and Albertine.
  • Get a day pass to a hotel pool. There are plenty of rich men in NYC, but there are also plenty of rich international businessmen who are visiting NYC for work! Spending a day by the hotel pool can put you in contact with out-of-towners who are looking for love.
  • Try new coffee shops. Coffee is truly the great equalizer in New York. So, unless a man is rich enough to have all of his coffee delivered by an assistant, you’re bound to meet plenty of eligible bachelors at trendy coffee places. This is New York, so there are new coffee shops popping up all the time, but some of the most popular right now are Arabica, Intelligentsia, and Gasoline Alley. Make sure you go when you’re most likely to run into rich men, such as before work or during lunch breaks.
  • Pick up running as a hobby. Many rich men run as a form of meditation in their otherwise busy lives. And, if you commit to a running habit of your own, you’re bound to start noticing familiar faces along your favorite running routes. If you notice someone who looks particularly affluent, casually offer to run together sometime or grab a coffee after your next run.
  • Have your sugar daddy jumpstart your social life. Another way to start living the high life without making a six-figure income yourself is to find someone who can help you. A sugar daddy may be willing to pay for your expensive gym membership, or use his connections to get you on the waitlist for a high-end restaurant.
  • Don’t write off anyone! One of the beautiful things about New York is that day-to-day, you’re bound to cross paths with multiple rich men. So, even if you’re not frequenting Michelin-star restaurants or the most exclusive nightclubs, your chance of meeting a rich man is much better here than in other parts of the country. All you have to do is keep your head up and be bold! Talk to anyone who catches your eye and you just might find your next rich suitor.

Where will you start your search for rich men in NYC?

New York is such a vibrant and thrilling place to meet wealthy people! Whether you’re both in line at Trader Joe’s or sweating side-by-side at a group exercise class, any day could be your day to find Mr. Right. And, if you make it a point to visit some of the places we’ve listed for where to find rich men in NYC, you’ll have even better chances!

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