Where to Find & Meet Rich Men & Millionaires in Boston


Last Updated: May 1, 2024

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Boston is one of the most expensive places to live and play in the country. That’s why many people are trying to find out where to find rich men in Boston to start enjoying a more lavish lifestyle with someone special!

If this is your dream, you’re in the right place! We’re going to cover the best restaurants, bars, and social gathering places in Boston to mingle with wealthy people.

Cocktail Bars

Here in Boston, the art of flirting with a stranger at the bar is still alive and well! The trick is finding the right cocktail bar to make sure you’re flirting with Boston’s wealthiest.

Avery Bar

10 Avery St.

This highly-rated bar located in the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton is just about as sophisticated as it gets. The lighting, the decor, the service—everything about this place is elegant and chic. And that level of luxury is appealing to both wealthy Boston locals who stop in before seeing a show and out-of-towners who are staying at the hotel.

Carrie Nation Cocktail Bar

11 Beacon St.

With low lighting, 1920s decor, and cocktails that will knock your socks off, Carrie Nation is Boston’s most sought-out speakeasy. They take the prohibition vibe seriously, so make sure that you ask for admission into the cocktail club at the back of the bar for the full experience. This is where you’ll enjoy an even more intimate bar setting where you can start chatting.

Bars and Restaurants with a view

Long Bar and Terrace

40 Trinity Place

Located at the top of the Raffles Hotel in Boston, Long Bar and Terrace is an elegant, upscale cocktail bar and dining area with incredible views. When the weather is nice, make sure to head outside to the terrace where you can sip mimosas and keep an eye out for local and international businessmen enjoying the sunset.

Lookout Rooftop Bar

70 Sleeper St.

No matter the time of year, Lookout Rooftop Bar is always filled with socialites and professionals ready to blow off steam while taking in the city sights. It’s upscale with a fun vibe, and in the cooler months, they break out the igloos (plastic tents to keep out the cold) and fire up the fire pits for ultimate coziness. And, of course, their drinks menu is divine!

Fine Dining Restaurants

If you’re in the mood to make eyes at a wealthy Bostonian over a gourmet meal, take a look at some of these fine-dining restaurants.

Zuma Restaurant

2nd Floor of the Four Seasons Hotel

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have been spotted at this fantastic sushi restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel. The ambiance is gorgeous, and the plates are even more beautiful! It’s no wonder that this place is a magnet for wealthy foodies.

Mastro’s Ocean Club

25 Fan Pier Blvd

The Ocean Club in Boston is known for its great food and high-end service. And, the locals know it as a popular place for age-gap couples to enjoy a meal together! If you’re looking for rich older Bostonians to treat you to a luxury meal, Mastro’s is the place to go!

Nautilus Pier 4

300 Pier 4 Blvd

Located in the Seaport Neighborhood, Nautilus has made a name for itself by serving up some of the best Asian fusion food in Boston—without the fuss. You’ll find a welcoming atmosphere to chat up rich Boston foodies while browsing an award-winning wine list. And despite the high-level dining experience, Nautilus never feels stuffy or inaccessible.

Art and Culture Events

Places-to-find-rich-men-in-boston .jpg

Boston has many cultural events, shows, and art gallery openings that attract a wealthy crowd. For the best results, take a look at what’s upcoming on the cultural calendar. And make sure to clear your schedule for the following events:

  • Boston Wine and Food Festival. Every year from the 1st of January to the end of March, Boston wine lovers gather for a full schedule of events at the Boston Harbor Hotel. Even if you’re only able to attend one or two of the activities, you’ll be in a crowd of wealthy locals and tourists!
  • A show at the Citizen Bank Opera Hall. Your best bet for meeting rich people at the opera hall is to get tickets for opening night or opening weekend. These are some of the most anticipated events of the year, so plan early!
  • Art auctions. Boston is full of auction houses, and each one has regularly scheduled events where rich people can put down some serious cash for art, wine, and more. These are exciting events where you can learn a lot about the art world, and make important connections.

Member-only Clubs

From Harvard alumni clubs to exclusive country clubs, Boston’s wealthiest love to socialize over shared interests. If you’re able to get yourself into one of these clubs, there will be no shortage of eligible men for you to meet.

Luxury Gyms

No matter the time of year, your search for where to find rich men in Boston should include some kind of exercise facility. While you may find your next match jogging outside, you may have even more success signing up for one of the following exclusive gyms:

  • B/SPOKE. This gym offers cycling, strength, and yoga classes. But what they’re really offering is a lifestyle! You’ll be classmates with young professionals, socialites, and anyone who is wealthy enough to throw down the monthly fee.
  • Equinox. Equinox is a national brand at this point, and everywhere you go, it’s a hub for wealthy gym lovers. Make sure that you sign up for the Seaport location so that you can increase your chances of meeting elite Bostonians.
  • SoulCycle. SoulCycle specializes in spin classes, and you can find the right level and vibe for your fitness goals. While it may not be as popular for rich men as some of the other luxury gyms in Boston, it’s still a good opportunity to network. You might just be cycling alongside your future rich boyfriend’s sister or cousin.

At the Stadium, Rink, or Field

One of the great equalizers of Boston is sports. No matter the differences in income level, bonding over sports is a tradition here. That’s why sporting events are some of the best places to meet wealthy people who you might otherwise not cross paths with. Here are the most Boston sports teams that you should start supporting in person!

  • Red Sox. Baseball is one of the most revered sports in Boston, and also one of the most accessible! Grab a Red Sox cap and get ready to enjoy a hotdog alongside diehard fans.
  • Celtics. This is one of the most successful basketball teams in history, so it’s no wonder that every game is a chance to meet high-powered individuals and celebrities.
  • Bruins. Ice hockey may not be the country’s most popular sport, but for Boston sports enthusiasts, it’s sacred. Hockey fans are some of the friendliest around, so make sure to strike up a conversation with your neighbors.
  • New England Patriots. When it comes to football, the Patriots are a truly elite team. They’ve brought Boston 6 Super Bowl wins and 11 AFC championship titles. They’re also one of the more expensive sports teams to follow on our list. But, if you can score tickets, you’ll be part of a community that includes Boston’s wealthiest sports fans.

Over a cup of Joe

We all witnessed the Ben Affleck Dunkin Donuts saga that culminated in one of the funniest Super Bowl ads of the year. But, the message behind it is this: don’t get between the locals and their coffee! And, it doesn’t have to be Dunkin Donuts—in fact, many wealthy Bostonians are looking for the best, latest trend in specialty coffee. Here are a few local spots that you’re likely to find rich coffee-loving men:

Gracenote Coffee

108 Lincoln Str

There are two Gracenote locations in Boston—one in the Leather District and one on High Street. You can’t go wrong with either one! Both are serving up some of the best coffee in the city.


563 Columbus Ave

Render is a casual coffee shop that is popular with patrons of all backgrounds! They have a full menu, seating in a beautiful location, and great coffee.

Tradesman Coffee Shop and Lounge

58 Batterymarch St

Now, if you’re looking for a place to sit for a while and mingle with rich coffee lovers, Tradesman is your ideal hangout. They’ve even got coffee-inspired cocktails if you’re looking for more of an after-work vibe. Tradesman is located right downtown, making it the perfect place to meet businessmen looking for their coffee fix.


10 Milk St.

Ogawa has all of the simplicity and elegance that is sure to attract an affluent clientele. Their lounge area feels almost like a fine dining restaurant, and they’ve got a coffee menu that appeals to serious coffee fanatics.

Our recommendation is that you choose a new coffee shop to try every few days or once a week and go in the early morning before the rich coffee lovers head to work.

Look for love online


There’s a very obvious answer to the question “where to meet rich men in Boston” that we haven’t covered yet: the internet! In fact, you’re likely to meet a rich man faster and easier online than putting yourself on the waitlist of a Michelin-star restaurant. Here’s how to do it:

  • Make an account on a sugar daddy website. If you’re looking for a rich man, why not try out sugaring? You’ll get a chance to meet some of Boston’s most generous and wealthy men who want to give you a taste of their luxury lifestyle.
  • Elite dating apps. Because Boston is such a powerhouse of universities and business, dating apps that cater to successful people are super popular here! If you’re able to get yourself on Raya, the League, or the Select version of Tinder, you’re bound to meet millionaires in Boston who are looking for love. Learn more about the exclusive dating apps that rich men use!
  • Become a local influencer. Easier said than done, right? But actually, meeting rich men by making the kind of content they want to see may be easier than you think. Creating quality videos of the best rooftop bars, for instance, would be useful for rich men who are looking for the next best thing. You can substitute this for coffee, parks, breweries, you name it! Make sure that you use strategic hashtags like #luxuryBoston or #finediningBoston to attract the right audience.

Out and about

The fact is, all of Boston is a potential place to meet rich men. That’s simply the benefit of living in a city where a lot of rich men live! So, here are a few of the places where you should never have your eyes glued to your phone because you might just run into the wealthy guy of your dreams:

  • The farmer’s market. Boston farmers markets are all over the city, and they attract anyone who is health conscious or simply looking for a romantic way to spend their day off. If you want to boost your chances of meeting a rich man at the farmer’s market, head to the most affluent neighborhoods, like Beacon Hill and Seaport.
  • The parks. As soon as the cold weather breaks in Boston, you can bet that most of the population is going to be outside! We can’t miss any opportunity for sunshine, which is why the parks are such a great place to meet rich men. Again, you’ll want to be strategic here, visiting the parks that are located in the wealthiest areas or close to the business district. The Public Garden is, of course, an obvious choice, but you might also try Jamaica Pond Park, or the Esplanade.
  • Dog parks. If you have a dog, your daily trip to the dog park could become another opportunity to meet rich men in Boston! After all, everyone loves to spend some quality time with their furry friend, and rich men are no exception. Park-9 Dog Bar in Everett, which is a paid dog park offering a full bar and doggy daycare, is a great place to mingle with other dog owners.
  • Out for a run. Boston isn’t home to one of the most internationally renowned marathons for no reason. It’s because this city is full of elite and serious runners! And, the good news is, you don’t have to be a born athlete yourself. If you can get into the habit of going for a jog a couple of times a week, you’re bound to start running into (excuse the pun) a few familiar faces. And, if you plan your jogs through some of the more affluent parts of town, even better! You might just find a running buddy who also happens to be part of Boston’s upper class.
  • Conferences. Because Boston attracts so many talented and forward-thinking millionaires, there are also a lot of conferences throughout the year. If you’re interested at all in tech, make sure that you stay up to date on upcoming business and entrepreneur conferences where you’ll meet plenty of wealthy businessmen and up-and-comers.
  • Public lectures at Harvard. Various colleges, museums, and the bookstore at Harvard University offer lectures and panels that are free and open to the public! If you’ve ever been interested in learning more about a certain subject, and maybe expanding your social circle in the process, these events are a great option.

It's not only about where to meet rich men in Boston

It’s also about how! How you choose to interact with the rich men you come across will make the difference between being ignored and being pursued. So, take a few of these recommendations for how best to interact with Boston elite:

  • Dress well, always. As we mentioned, any time you leave the house, there’s the potential to run into your future rich boyfriend. So, don’t let the moment pass you by by dressing like everyone else. Sure, athleisure is comfy, but it’s not going to turn heads.
  • Don’t be intimidated. If you’re not rich yourself, you might find yourself getting flustered when you’re around Boston elite. But, this will only make it difficult to make a connection with someone who could be your future rich boyfriend! Remember that people are just people! Intellectually, emotionally, and physically, you’re on the same playing field. There’s no need to be intimidated.
  • Go after what you want. So much of the Boston attitude is based on bold honesty and hard work. So, a rich man who lives and works here is going to be impressed if you can show some initiative! Don’t shy away from any opportunity to chat with a stranger or speak up about what you're thinking. Being passive is only going to mean that the rich men of this town will pass you by.
  • Be willing to invest to get the best opportunities. As you likely noticed, the list of where to meet rich men in Boston is filled with exclusive bars and expensive restaurants. The truth is, you have to spend some money to get into the spaces where rich men are likely to be. You might even think of it as an investment in your future. And, if you’re really struggling, consider what having a sugar daddy could do for your social life! This person, in addition to treating you to the luxurious side of Boston, could help you make connections, sponsor your gym membership, and introduce you to opportunities that can change your life.

You can find rich men and millionaires in Boston!

Whether you put a lot of time, money, and effort into finding rich men in Boston or simply keep your eyes a little bit more peeled for the signs of wealth, your chances of finding a rich partner here are higher than most cities in the US! So, as long as you can put yourself in some of the places on our list of “where to find rich men in Boston,” sooner or later, you’re going to meet someone who catches your eye! Good luck!

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