Young Sugar Daddies: The 5 Types and where to find them


Last Updated: February 6, 2024

Sugar Baby

Young sugar daddies: are they a myth? A legend? Or a growing trend in the world of sugar dating? As the general public becomes more aware of the benefits of sugaring, it’s no surprise that younger people are joining the community.

So, who exactly are these new folks in search of sugar babies? And, if you’re interested in meeting one, where should you start?

These are the 5 young sugar daddies who are popping up all over the bowl, and where you can find them.

The Player


We’ll start with the most vivacious, fun-loving sugar daddy you’re bound to meet: the Player. This individual is always on the go, whether that means going to music festivals, hopping a plane to enjoy a weekend on the beach, or renting out a club for their birthday. And most importantly, they’re looking to surround themselves with like-minded people who are always up for adventure.

The Player is most likely to come from old money, which is partly why they’re so generous with their wealth. That’s not to say they’re not hard-working when they need to be. But, they know how to make the most of their luxurious lifestyle.

Eventually, the Player might settle down with the right person. But in the meantime, their ideal sugar partner should be ready to roll with their ever-changing interests. If you can keep things light-hearted and upbeat, this sugar daddy will show you what it really means to live the high-roller life.

Where to find them: Keep a lookout for the Player at the hottest beaches, high-end gyms, and country clubs where their parents are long-standing members. You can also find Players on sugar daddy websites. Chances are, their profile will state that they're looking for friends-with-benefits or a travel partner.

The Provider

We’re not going to say that the Provider is the polar opposite of the Player, but they are very different in their approach to sugaring. These young sugar babies tend to be old souls, who are compassionate, kind, and empathic. They may even see themselves as characters in a rom-com, which is pretty dreamy when it happens in real life!

So, what’s bringing these sweeties to the sugaring world? Maybe they have been disappointed by the traditional dating scene and are looking for something more honest. They may not be ready to settle down with someone just yet, but they do want to feel a genuine connection. Providers are interested in sharing their wealth with someone who is authentic, and loyal. They may even be open to taking on a mentor role with a sugar baby who is looking to better themselves or advance their career.

Providers can come from new or old money. Either way, they’re more willing to spend their money on their sugar partner than on themselves. So, if you’re looking for someone who will pamper you completely, the Provider is an obvious choice.

Where to find them: The best place to find a Provider is online. It will be pretty easy to find their profile because they’ll be focused on emotional connection, honesty, and loyalty.

If you do want to try meeting one of these sugar daddies out in the world, keep in mind that Providers are likely to find their sugar partners through mutual friends. That way, they’ll know they’re spending time with someone who comes highly recommended. One great way to become well-connected in their world is to become involved in philanthropy, especially charity galas.

The Up-and-Comer

This version of the sugar daddy is likely to be a break-out actor or musician, a social media influencer, or a young athlete. They seem to have become viral sensations overnight, and are now enjoying all the luxury of their newfound fame.

One thing to keep in mind is that these young sugar daddies may not have the best financial prowess. They’ve recently come into money and may be looking to spend it as fast as they get it. This is amazing for anyone looking for a good time in the short term. You’ll absolutely be treated to yacht parties, invitations to the most exclusive clubs, and all the gourmet dining you can ask for. But, if you’re looking for a long-term sugar partner, the Up-and-Comer might not be the safest bet.

So, why are these rising stars turning to sugar dating? For one thing, they may not yet be well-connected with others in their new social circles. And, because of their newfound wealth, they may be wary of traditional partners who are only after a ring. In contrast, a sugar partner gives them a great middle ground to continue dating without pressure or ulterior motives. In other words, with everything out on the table, they feel they can more easily trust a sugar baby.

Where to find them: Again, sugar daddy platforms are a great place to start. These sugar daddies may still be figuring out what they’re looking for, but in general, their profile will mention things like “casual,” and “friends with benefits.” After all, they’ll want to keep their distance until they know you a little better.

If you’re hoping to connect with an Up-and-Comer offline, you may need to be something of an influencer yourself. Or at least, you’ll need to be connected to people in that world.

The Tech Genius


The start-up world has been around for many years now, but it continues to be a perfect place to meet sugar daddies. That’s because people in this sector are typically too busy to date traditionally. And, they’ve got plenty of wealth to pamper the right person. They may feel pressured by family and friends to settle down, but they’re definitely not going to put their career on hold to look for someone.

Depending on the field in which your Tech Genius works, you can expect a different kind of sugar relationship. Techies who are climbing the ranks in a particular company may be more settled in one place. They’ll be interested in a sugar baby who can be available consistently without complaining about their long work hours.

Other Tech Genius sugar daddies may be more mobile. If they’re high-ranking in their company or field, for instance, that could mean that they’re constantly going on work trips. They may want a travel partner to accompany them on their various work trips around the country or the world.

Where to find them: Your mind might instantly go to the big tech hub of the world: Silicon Valley. But the truth is, you can find a Tech Genius sugar daddy pretty much anywhere. After all, they’re able to connect from anywhere that has an internet connection. That said, you’re most likely to meet them organically at tech conferences or in big cities like San Francisco, New York, or London.

Also, because they are technologically-minded, many of these young sugar daddies also take advantage of dating platforms. You can be sure to impress them by putting extra effort into making your profile stand out. Use great pictures and keywords that will grab the attention of your ideal Tech Genius. You might say, for example, that you’re looking for “someone from the start-up world” or an “ambitious entrepreneur.”

The Long-Term Romantic


There’s an idea of sugar daddies as being unfeeling or afraid of commitment. But, anyone who has real experience in the bowl will tell you that’s not true. And an obvious example of that is the Long Term Romantic.

These young sugar daddies aren’t writing off the idea of romance in favor of a sugar partner. Instead, they may be drawn to the positive aspects of sugaring, like freedom, flexibility, and honesty. For one thing, they may be unwilling or not ready to have kids, but they’ve struggled to find partners on traditional dating apps who don’t pressure them into starting a family. Or, perhaps they’ve been recently divorced and aren’t quite ready to jump into something so vulnerable again.

Many of these Long Term Romantic sugar daddies are interested in caring for a partner and exploring an emotional connection. But, they’re pressing pause on all of the pressure and responsibility that they feel when pursuing a traditional relationship. While similar to the Provider sugar daddy, these individuals are even more interested in finding someone to be a listening ear. If you’re interested in a platonic sugar relationship, this could be a good match for you.

One of the benefits of dating a Long Term Romantic is that they may eventually want to transition the sugar relationship into a traditional one. But even if you are more focused on the here and now, the Long Term Romantic will still treat you with respect and care.

Where to find them: While it’s always worth looking on a sugar dating platform for a sugar daddy, you may not find as many Long Term Romantics online as you might expect. That’s because these young sugar daddies may feel jaded from traditional dating platforms. Instead, you might have more luck frequenting the places where people of a certain wealth are likely to go. Maybe you can sign up for a gym membership in a posh part of town, or invite your friends to enjoy a few cocktails at the best lounges in your area. From there, it’ll be up to you to be social, bubbly, and proactive about meeting people. The Long Term Romantic will appreciate your authenticity and confidence.

Interested in learning more about these young sugar daddies?

We are too! The more that sugaring becomes mainstream, the more excited we are to welcome people from all walks of life. And, if you’re trying to gauge what kind of sugar daddy you’re chatting with, here are a few final questions to learn more about what they might offer as a partner:

  • What is most appealing to you about sugaring?
  • Who is your ideal sugar partner?
  • Are you looking for something casual or more long-term?
  • What kind of dates would you be interested in going on with a sugar baby?

These questions are a great way to get to know the young sugar daddies who are showing up in your inbox. If their answers are intriguing to you, don’t hesitate to set up a meet & greet!