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California, Los Angeles

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About me

I’m a cheerful, lighthearted young woman from small town Washington who is pulled together by laughter, gratitude & risk. I’m known for being genuine, independent and fiercely passionate about my journey through this incredible life.

I have a full-time career that I am madly in love with and I have so many great ideas to encourage continuous growth. I love being around people who inspire me to become the best version of myself. Traveling has always been a desire of mine, I only have a few countries on my belt but my dream would be to travel around the world while teaching my craft. We can talk more about that later.

Although I will never turn down a road trip (especially if it’s paired with a gorgeous beach and some sunshine), I definitely have a soft spot for staying in, cooking dinner, turning on a movie and sipping on a glass of wine before crawling into bed. You’ll have the perfect cuddle partner as I come fully stocked with some hips and a pair of thick thighs. ;)

What I’m Looking For

I am attracted to respectful, knowledgeable, worldly men. Mutual respect for each other is an absolute must for me. What I look for are qualities that men of my generation don’t yet own. If you’re my ideal match, you will be loyal and caring, have an intriguing mind, and genuinely want to look after me & will take me under your generous wing. I want a relationship with someone that I can learn from, teach, and have a fabulously good time with. Allowances and gifts are important to me, as well as discretion. I have a lot of happiness, a lot of body art, a little rebellion, a little playfulness, & a sprinkle darkness to give.

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