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44-year-old SugarBaby
Next Birthday in 6 months and -11 days ♊ Gemini

Littleton, CO
Seeking SugarDaddy 44 - 70

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    $0 to $100,000
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    Athletic 5'04"  163 cm

About Me:

I'm a free spirit full of life, too wild for this world. I live in it anyway I want... if I love you, you have to love me back in a special way, not fake or like a Broadway show! You have to go the extra mile. Be sure not to smother this lovely flower. Not giving enough space is a recipe for disaster. Be sure to allow me to be myself. Give me room to spread my wings because I'm definitely going to do so. I will appreciate you even more if you do this. Leave judgment at the door and never try to change me. I've learned from my mistakes. You'dl fail miserably. Instead, embrace me with loving arms, Meet me with an open mind. Know that I might be a little weird or out there sometimes, we all are human... but you signed up to be in my life, you have to deal with it! My free spirit has a mind of her own which means sometimes it shows on the outside. I may dress very eclectic, provocative or have unusual interests, or I will be the bell of the ball... Dont be afraid to be seen with me while I'm wearing that risque outfit in public (never TOO MUCH of course, I have respect for myself and my guy...). Know that other peoples opinions are irrelevant. Take a step outside that comfort zone of yours and you wont regret it. Sure, I have enough self-esteem of my own, but again, I'm only human. I love to be encouraged, especially by someone so close. Tell me you like that amazing shirt or whatever I have on, be proud that I'm yours...Remind me when I'm down, that you're my rock! If I'm beautiful... mention it! Want to sweep your free spirit off my feet? Woo her by taking her on spontaneous dates or adventures. Choose a restaurant that we've never been to before or decide on a special activity for us two to do. Or, both of us, decide together what to do.... I certainly love a surprise and an spontaneity. One surefire way to send me running the other direction is to give me an ultimatum. Never tell me something that has the word if in it like, If you dont stop talking to that person Im going to leave. I'll be off and running before you know it. Ultimatums are like mouse traps on a bird that needs to spread its wings. Dont fight with me over stupid shit! I'll get frustrated and close off. Argue with me, when its warranted. Your needs are important, too, but its crucial not to be petty. For example, being late once by 10 minutes may not be a big deal, whereas being late by 45 minutes is going to be a problem. I'mgoing to go out in the world talking to people and making connectionsmy spirit is meant for it. You cant be at home worrying about what I'm doing. Instead, you need to take a big leap to just trust me. Put your faith in me, believing that I'm going to be faithful. Just because I'm free doesnt mean that I'm unfair.Free spirits are big on living in the present. I just breathe in the moment... You can support me in doing this by not worrying too much about the future and not obsessively talking about the past. Love the little things in life, like what it feels like to eat a strawberry, notice the tastes and textures. This is living.While I know how to be in the moment, I also know how to dream.There will likely be a future, so, I like to think about what it might look like... then do it with me. Think about what you really want and love, and know that I have certain times that I'm not going to spend with you and I havr other boundaries that arent to be crossed. Just respect my needs, and my flaws. Take a step back when its not time to spend time together and dont ask questions that violates my boundaries. Basically, have some common sense to respect me. I am always learning and growing and want to share what I've learned with you. Sometimes this might mean exploring new thoughts that you dont agree with, but its totally worth the challenge... My free spirit likely hates being told what to do. Let me go ahead and make my own mistakes, even if its hard for you to watch. Because know this much... I learn from my mistakes, and I'm, WORTH IT!

What I'm Looking For:

I, will tell you this... I want a guy who makes me happy, starting with the little things. The one who will hug me tight from behind and just snuggle me and whisper sweet nothings to my ear. A guy that will put a picture of me in his wallet or screen saver on his phone. A man proud to have me... I want a man that's survived his worst days only to find me, his one... The guy that just wants to bake or cook for me to satisfy that little tummy of mine. I want that guy who is driven to succeed, a guy you can envision a future with. A guy that I can be completely comfortable with in silence, just pajamas,TV andpopcorn, messy hair and no make-up. A guy that I can trust, a guy who will let me down not because he didnt try, but because he did and he was willing to risk it all for you even if it means he would fail. And he may not always understand me...but man you gotta admire the dudes attempt to try to comprehend your double entendres. My guy, will keep it simple. He doesnt want to fight with you unless its important, and he doesnt try to make you guess what his motives are and what his intentions may be. Hes clear-cut and transparent. No games, no head-aches. Drama is kept to a minimum, and hes just got this simple, kind, plain nature to him. He rarely raises his voice, but knows when to stand his ground and fight for what he believes in. Were all different, and for sure he will have his own flaws as I will too... He will certainly not be perfect. We dont view things with the same lens and we often see things differently. But... that's ok. Did that sum it up??

Looking For:

  • Gender: SugarDaddy
  • Age: 44 - 70
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