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Atlanta, Georgia


Age 34

Next birthday in April

Sugar Baby

Looking for a 35-55 year old SugarDaddy

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Atlanta, Georgia

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I'm looking for someone special. Let's just get that out of the way, shall we? If I wanted an average, common, unremarkable man, I could go to a bar and take my pick of the litter. I want something more. I want someone real and established.
I'm a smart, secure, straightforward and classy woman. I know what I want and I'm not shy about it. I only like games when we're both willing participants. . I have my own opinions and I appreciate a man or sugar daddy who's comfortable with that, who really wants an equal partner. Go to Walmart if you want a doormat.
I'm a pretty guarded person. Secretive, even. Instead of laying it all bare for any man passing through, I'd rather bide my time and wait for someone worth the effort. I've been hurt before. I guess everyone has, to some degree. But I've learned my lesson and I'm done with fakes and false promises. If we start exchanging messages, it's because I'm sincerely interested and I think we could have something real. I won't bother playing coy and I don't do obligatory politeness. If you can't handle that, move on

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Travel partner dinner dates etc

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