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Midwest City, Oklahoma

I always act as pretty as I look

Age 28

Next birthday in January

Sugar Baby

Looking for a 40-60 year old SugarDaddy

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Midwest City, Oklahoma

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    5' 2

About me

Firstly my high IQ & quick retorts will ensure you’re never bored, I’ve been told I’m funny & I’m easy on the eyes. Secondly not only do I love to sing, but I actually possess an excellent voice which I’ll serenade you with. Thirdly I am perpetually pleasant & easily pleased, plus I LOVE showing my appreciation in all your favorite ways. Last but not least, committed or not.. I will remain honest and loyal to our agreement & honor it accordingly in the most lady like fashion.

What I’m Looking For

I am hoping to find someone interested in going on dates, vacations, & just enjoying one another’s company. (Netflix and stay at home), or whatever else! Preferably my ideal partner is an intellectual, so we can share our passions.. in the form of wine and palette painting sessions, conversing over worldly issues and informal book clubs just between us two. I still have so many things to learn, and love to be educated on all subjects. I also enjoy adding beauty & tend to leave people and places better than when I found them, because it brings me joy to do so. I am open minded & up for any new ideas or adventures, I will try anything once and I mean anything.

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