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Coventry, Rhode Island

Age 32

Next birthday in October

Sugar Baby

Looking for a 35-55 year old SugarDaddy

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Coventry, Rhode Island

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    Sugar Baby

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    5' 4

About me

I am fun and energetic with an open mind, I’m discrete and mature, I wouldn’t say that I have unrealistic expectations. I love new experiences and I always try to uplift others and make sure everyone has a great time with whatever occasion is at hand!

What I’m Looking For

No Pictures, No Chance!! Travel, monthly or weekly dinner/drinks, allowance, fun, something along those lines.... I don’t necessarily need to be in your face 24/7 nor do I want that myself. I get overwhelmed easily so perhaps a no strings attached type of thing is best. I am a strong personality and I’m not easily persuaded, however I am very fun and charismatic. I can dress up or dress down, it all depends on the setting and occasion, I’m not looking for a “relationship” per say, after we get to know one another those are wrinkles and details that we can iron out!

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