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Jackson, Tennessee

Seductive playful young poise vibrant sexy

Age 29

Next birthday in November

Sugar Baby

Looking for a 35-55 year old SugarDaddy

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Jackson, Tennessee

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    5' 7

About me

I am a beautiful young woman. From the moment we meet, you will find me to be genuinely kind and inherently affectionate with a playful demeanor and vibrant approach to life. Filled with lots of energy. I have an open minded attitude, constantly drawing me to new experiences. You will experience an intoxicating rush of pure sensuality and passion. Everything from my stunning blue eyes to dark brown hair, and enchanting laugh. Pure bliss.

What I’m Looking For

Seeking a man who a appreciates me not just for my physical beauty, but my humor, and unwavering commitment. You will be delighted by my slender frame, full lips, and sparkling eyes. You lead a stressful and busy life, but you find comfort in my arms. We pull the covers over our heads and put the demands of daily life on hold. We are safe and happy in the bedroom. It does not get any better then that. Looking for someone who will bring me along in there travels. I do overnight and weekend getaways, and be happy to go into detail. Email me

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