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Anaheim, California

Every meeting a generous experience

Age 45

Next birthday in December

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Looking for a 20-50 year old SugarBaby

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Anaheim, California

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About me

I belive life is to important to take it to seriously. that's the feeling that drives me to keep things and take experiences with the best possible humor ;p

Because the nature of my job, I have to keep my mind active in all kind of subjects, but as anyone a break is necessary, I am looking for the one that only a cute girl can give.

I am a Copywriter for a magazine, college educated, existentialist, pragmatic.
I can say I have a good sense of how to give what people deserves.

What I’m Looking For

Get lost from a while from the mundanity of the world with a soft company from a sweet, cute, lovely girl with good manners. Good chatting, good sense of humor, who knows how to be a complacent friend. Discretion and respect goes both ways.

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