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Anaheim, California

Age 49

Next birthday in June

Sugar Daddy

Looking for a 20-50 year old SugarBaby

Online Recently

Anaheim, California

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About me

Hello to you beautiful young women I’m truly a caring person that’s always down to earth with a good vibes positive attitude in life...I’m just a fun person to be with never bringing any type of toxicity towards, others.

Also as a slender guy I keep my body sculpted and toned as I manage this with daily exercises and a manageable balanced diet. Oh I don’t smoke cigarettes, drink alcoholic beverages.

What I’m Looking For

The women I am looking for in personality; not too demanding just be yourself with good vibes! And there’s no need to pretend to be somebody else. I like pleasant conversations when we’re together and heading out for dinner, etc. My valued closeness time with my woman, is walking along the beach hold hands and enjoying life.

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