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Derry, New Hampshire

U B U and I B ME= we should be fine.

Age 57

Next birthday in September

Sugar Daddy

Looking for a 23-45 year old SugarBaby

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Derry, New Hampshire

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    5' 10

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im a musician..Im Looking To Share My World and advntures, I Love Fast Cars, Boats And The exitement Someone can bring to living,Honesty/ Loyality, Im Honest And Loyal just trying to make the best of what life has to offer!

What I’m Looking For

Looking for the Lady /Woman who Has Found the Beauty within Herself ,someone who has a Higher sense of Logic. I'm a One Woman Man , looking for Friendship first,. Someone who can have a love and support of "the Arts" As I'm A Musician,,That is passionate about Music. I need only 1 lady/The Right One,,,,,,,,,

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