How to find a Sugar Momma Online

You've probably heard of sugar babies and sugar daddies, but we don't hear about sugar mommas as often. The obvious reason for this is that there simply aren't as many sugar mommas as there are sugar daddies in the online dating world.

This lack of a large defined sugar mama population is partly the reason we also don't see that many sugar momma apps that cater specifically to helping mature and young people find their perfect match.

The good news is that there's an increasing number of powerful and wealthy older people out there more than ever before that would consider being a sugar momma, and like their sugar daddy counterparts, they too desire the company of a younger partner that can keep up and provide good company in a way that only a younger person can.

There are all sorts of reasons and motivations as to why people look into sugar mommy dating to fulfill their relationship needs. The broadest reason for both older and younger individuals to be seeking a sugar relationship is that they both desire a partnership that's defined by their agreed-upon terms, which in turn, creates a positive and healthy mutually beneficial relationship.

Terms in an arrangement between a wealthy sugar mama and a sugar baby could be anything you could imagine and are usually brought up by the end of the first date. It's recommended not to discuss terms early in a chat as it's not considered tactful, and is normally better to get to know each other first. Just like all relationships, chemistry will matter if it's going to be successful.

Some common needs from a sugar mama may be anything from a live-in partner, a casual relationship, or even just keeping them company either in person or virtually.

Younger people that are aspiring sugar babies might be simply attracted to a secure and experienced sugar momma, yet they may also want a better lifestyle than they are able to provide for themselves. Sugar mommas have also been known to mentor their sugar babies and help them further their education and career.

So what is a wealthy sugar momma that's looking for a younger partner to do? You could try your luck with the cute pool cleaner or the local grocery clerk, and for some lucky hopeful sugar mammas out there it really is that easy. For others, your schedule may not allow you the time, you might be married, or maybe you are a public figure and prefer privacy.

Whatever the case, if you'd rather check out the profiles within online dating sites, there are some reputable sugar momma dating apps and cougar dating sites that facilitate sugar dating.

Our dating experts have tested and heard what other users have to say about the best sugar momma apps and sites that the world wide web has to offer, and we've come up with the top 5 for your consideration.

Best Sugar Momma Dating Sites & Best Apps

Elite Singles Best for traditional dating.

This site is suited best for career-oriented people looking for more serious relationships. The site features include a personality test, smart match, VIP membership, and sophisticated filter options. They also make great match suggestions.

This site offers an ios or android dating app.

Cougar Life Best for mature.

If you are a mature hot mama looking to try some cougar dating this one is for you. This site boasts more young hopefuls than cougars. Getting signed up is free and easy. VIP membership is offered to paid members.

Cougar Life offers ios or android dating apps.

Ashley Madison Best for married.

AM can be considered more of a hookup site for married or committed people. Setting up a dating profile is easy and free. There are a great deal of users not only looking for sex but also discretion. Those with VIP membership are boosted to the top of profile results.

This dating platform also offers a dating app in the Apple and Google Play store.

OkCupid Mainstream app and free to use.

Looking for a free app where age doesn't matter as much? The dating site attracts plenty of young members looking for something meaningful and often don't mind someone more experienced. Signing up and using basic features is free on this platform. They also have VIP membership. According to the sugar chat room on Reddit, this was the most mentioned "vanilla" dating site.

Also worth noting is many of the younger users here are not particularly seeking a wealthy sugar mama, but they do love cougar dating.

OKCupid has dating apps for Apple and Android.

Zoosk Best US app with a large userbase.

Sugar mommies may be surprised by this one, but sometimes the best sites are the big ones. This dating site still attracts older "MILFS" looking for younger users that would not only love a sugar mama but also rather skip the casual sex. You can register and start a profile for free. Paid accounts also receive VIP membership.

This dating site offers a mobile dating app for Apple and Android.

Sugar Momma Dating FAQ

What is a Sugar Momma?

A sugar mama is usually older than their partner. They are financially secure and enjoy spending their money freely on their sugar baby in exchange for their companionship.

Being a sugar mama does not mean you have to be particularly rich or much older than your counterpart. Younger people that want to date a sugar mama may not need financial help or be much in age difference. The sugar bowl is truly full of diverse people.

What are the rules for Sugar Mommy dating?
  1. Be realistic. Nothing wrong with shooting for the stars but keep it reasonable.

  2. Be safe. Know who your date is and use best practices before you feel you can trust your partner.

  3. Be honest. The more upfront and clear you are the better the relationship.

  4. Be consistent. Your sugar baby is going to depend on you being there for them.

  5. Be gracious. Don't take your partner for granted. Everyone should feel appreciated.

What are the dos and don’ts for sugar momma dating?

When a sugar mama finds someone that they're keen on, the last thing they'll want to do is to mess it up. Here's some simple dating advice for anyone that wants to be a sugar mom.

  1. Do your research. Find out as much as you can about anyone you are considering. Ask for their social media and do a basic search on them. Not only will this help you decide if your potential match would be a good fit for you, but you also want to be safe and make sure they're decent human beings. It's also good to keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with starting as friends. Just remember that you should always practice safety first.
  2. Putting your cards on the table and your best foot forward will serve you best. That doesn't mean expose everything about yourself. You will need to be clear about your wants, desires, needs, and expectations. If you don't get this straight from the start it will hinder you from finding what you truly are looking for in a younger companion. This will also help you come to an arrangement faster and avoid future misunderstandings.
  3. Don't stray or try to change the terms of the agreement you make without discussing with your sugar baby first. It's fine if you realize that something you had discussed is no longer what you want or perhaps you want something more. You will find that most sugar babies are flexible and willing to renegotiate as long as they feel the relationship is still beneficial and they're enjoying themselves with you.
  4. No one likes a breakup, but it's also very important for you to understand when something is just not working and be willing to walk away. Sugar relationships are meant to be fun and fulfilling. If things get sour, inconvenient, abusive, or no longer mutually beneficial, it's perfectly fine and far more healthy to graciously walk away.
What is a sugar momma relationship like?

A sugar mamma relationship can be just like traditional dating, yet as we know, no two relationships are alike. When it comes down to a sugar arrangement it's really going to be what you and your future match agree upon.

Nearly all relationships have something to do with age, sex, and money, but not all of them do. Many in the sugar dating world also mention that being able to be friends with their sugar partner is much easier than many traditional relationships they've experienced in the past.

A couple of aspects you may find different from more traditional couples is that both the sugar mama and sugar baby have much more freedom and respect for each other. You may also notice you feel like you have much more control over your own life, and you're not as obligated feeling to sacrifice your own happiness for your partner.

Can you find a sugar mama on a sugar daddy dating site?

You can try an online dating site that mostly caters to sugar daddies, but we've found they may not be the best option when looking for a sugar momma relationship as they are often not as active for this niche.

You generally would have more luck in finding potential matches in chat rooms, social media, cougar dating, or a hookup site.

Once I find have a sugar relationship, how do I keep it?

There are a couple of things to remember so as to not screw things up once you start to date someone and come to an arrangement that suits everyone's needs. Be respectful of the terms set. If you agreed on something don't stray from that unless it's discussed first. Whether you want a monogamous or open relationship, be sure to make that clear so as to avoid future misunderstandings. Keep things light and fun together. Your sugar agreement should not feel like a business partnership. If the excitement between you starts to fade, don't be reluctant to bring it up. It could be something that's simple to remedy and can save things from going sour. Upfront honesty will always be the best policy.

Are there famous sugar mamas?

Being a sugar mama is not as taboo as one might think and has become much more accepted and championed by a society that's become far more open-minded. Here are a few past examples of wealthy celebrities that have robbed the cradle of love.

Shakira (38) & Gerard Pique (28)

Jennifer Lopez (45) & Casper Smart (28)

Joan Collins (81) & Percy Gibson (50)

Sam Taylor Johnson (48) & Aaron Taylor Johnson (24)

Kathy Griffin (54) & Randy Bick (35)

Geena Davis (59) & Dr. Reza Jarrahy (44)

If these famous people can get themselves a hot young thang, then why can't you?


Sugar dating has come a long way over recent years, and with that, there has been a broader acceptance and sense of normalcy to older and younger people being together.

Will there still be the occasional gawker or judgmental person about a noticeably older person dating someone younger? We are sure there will be. But really, who cares what other people think?

The motivation for sugar dating is not to appease or worry about what other people think. It's about doing right by yourself and letting go of the inhibitions. Simply enjoy what makes your heart sing and you will be surprised at how little other people's opinions matter.

The trend for more people in the future to choose higher education and a career path will continue to increase, and with that, so will older financially secure sugar mamas who aren't afraid to go for what they want later in life.

The takeaway here is this; Only you can make yourself happy. Nothing should hold you back from following your heart and finding a companion that can help you fulfill your needs in life and love, so go out there and find that perfect mutually beneficial relationship. Maybe the one for you is on a site or app somewhere in the world right now waiting for you to scoop them up out of the sugar bowl.