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Pennsylvania, Media

A wolf in sheep's clothing

Age 54

Next birthday in 3 months


Looking for a 25-40 year old SugarBaby

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Pennsylvania, Media

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About me

First of all..I'm NOT here to spoil anyone for nothing..NO FREEBIES from this guy!! To be totally honest, I'm not as sweet and innocent as I may look. I actually have 2 Dr Jekyll side is the nice guy..but my Mr Hyde side is extremely naughty..he's the anything and everything goes 'get down and dirty' kinda guy.

Btw..Hyde is a 'taker'..he 'takes' what he wants..when he wants..where he he wants. He's very dominant and EXPECTS you to 'follow orders'..and doesn't take 'no' or 'cant' or 'stop' for an fact he takes it to mean the exact opposite..he actually needs a safe word to stop.

What I’m Looking For

Do you like older men?? I may be 50 but I don't look or act it..I'm single..average build 6' tall and I'm looking for NSA/FWB adult LTR but could possibly lead to more than a "one night fling". I'm just putting it out need to beat around the bush..I'm not trying to be rude or disrespectful..just fast forwarding to the end result..I'm NOT looking for the average girl..hope to hear from you soon if we have something in common.

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